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"With the advent of 2016 Doc Roy and wife Shari are at the top of the list of people to praise. He saved ballerina daughter's foot unrelieved by podiatry and subsequently remedied the rest of her aches and pains. Keeping her finely tuned then I decided to give him a go at my nagging hip problem while visiting with her. One remarkable visit later I had tremendous relief unlike visits to my local chiropractor. Then her younger sister had a few visits... so it's become a family affair and we are all very grateful to Doc and Shari for their expertise. So while Doc Roy remedies your aches with a dodged determination, Shari will share her vast knowledge about holistic remedies for other issues. They are an effective, dynamic duo, and as a bonus they're a ton of fun!"
Deb T.

"Dr. Siegel is my one way ticket to health and well-being! He completely fixed my lower back pain in one treatment. I have been sleeping better than ever and wake up feeling well rested and full of energy. Dr. Roy Siegel has wonderful positive energy and focuses on the root of the problem so that he completely resolves any aches or pains. I always leave his office smiling."
- S. R. 

"Doc Roy is a great healer. Last week I hobbled into the office with terrible back and leg pain. After only a few treatments I am better and better. This is an effective, experienced and creative doctor who is open to sharing his knowledge of body mechanics and processes to help you RECOVER. FAST. What at a relief! I am so grateful to Doc Roy and his wife Shari for their generous, warm, caring and holistic approach. " 
Regan H.

"Great practice ... everything you could want in a chiro. office." 
 - Diane F.

"Thanks, Doc Roy! My baby boy's delivery was great because I was so nicely aligned! I'll bring the baby for his first visit soon!"
Susannah R.

"After having my Dr. Roy Detoxification shake this morning, I realized on the subway that for the first time in 40 years, I had forgotten to make coffee!"

"Doc Roy through the years has gotten me out of many situations from fibromyalgia, other back and neck complaints, to getting rid of my flu symptoms with supplements, and recently getting me able to move at my daughter's wedding despite my stressed back the night before." 
Christine S.

"Although I was never diagnosed with IBD, about 7 years ago I started having serious issues with CRP levels and severe intestinal swelling and constriction; for those of you who are there, or have been there, you know just how painful and debilitating that can be. Fortunately, Chron’s and other serious diseases were ruled out, but after a variety of tests over a few years, and no diagnosis my MDs suggested, of all things, steroids because they had no answer! Of course I said, “NO!” realizing the host of negative effects the prolonged use of steroids have on so many body systems.

That is when I called Doc Roy. I had been a patient of his for many years before moving from NYC to California. Doc Roy suggested a cleanse and recommended some dietary changes and supplements akin to what this newsletter mentions. I am happy to say that following his direction has completely reversed all of my symptoms and I have not had a recurrence since!

Thank you Doc Roy for your guidance and for leading me toward a lifestyle change that has done more than just eliminate symptoms – I am certain applying these changes have made significant contribution toward the balance of my physical self."  
- Mary C.

"When my little Nico happened to notice your CD in my living room with your picture on it, he smiled a BIG Smile and started playing the most wonderful game of 'DR' ...coming to help all of his stuffed pals in my house (monkeys, birds, frogs, a veritable jungle) who all got very sick suddenly, and needed Dr. Nico to help them get better with his special healing powers that he calls 'Magic... just like Dr. Roy’s Magic.'” 
- Fretta

"I just wanted to thank you again for seeing me on such short notice the other day - I know you are tightly booked and I much appreciated your being able to squeeze me in. And I'm very happy to report that you did your magic once again - I feel 100 times better and haven't had to curtail out any of my physical activities." 
- Peter M.

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  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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