Private/Group Insurance

Figuring out your own insurance benefits can sometimes be a confusing process. Fortunately, if you choose to come to Siegel Chiropractic, you won't have to wonder whether or not you're covered.

Siegel Chiropractic is a full-service health center. We contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility and benefits. We will be happy to submit the proper forms to your insurance company on your behalf. And, we will always take the time to explain your insurance company's decisions to you.

We are out-of-network with all carriers so you would take care of the charges at the time of service and all reimbursements from the carrier would be sent to you directly. Most group health insurance policies have good coverage for chiropractic care.


We abide by Medicare laws and rules, and submit your claims promptly to Medicare. However, we are not a participating provider in the Medicare program. We do not accept assignment on Medicare claims. Any reimbursement from Medicare would be sent to you directly and in almost all instances, Medicare will forward the claim to your secondary carrier. We encourage you to speak with our insurance billing specialist before your appointment so that you may have a complete understanding of the Medicare billing and payment policies.

Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts and Consumer Choice

Health Savings Accounts give consumers more choice in how their healthcare dollars are spent. Money in the HSA must be spent on approved medical expenses, but there are really very few restrictions on what kind of healthcare you choose. More and more chiropractic patients are discovering that having an HSA is saving them money on their medical expenses.
Using a Health Savings Account to pay for chiropractic care gives you, the consumer, more choice. You can choose what type of medical treatment to get, where you will get that treatment, and how many treatments you will get. You can spend HSA dollars on preventive care as well, and actually have the government give you a tax deduction for keeping your family well.

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